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Welcome to USA POWER

Why choose us?

1. Unlike many of the other companies in this business, been in this industry for many years and have very solid resources. Their knowledge and experience will allow them to deliver quality service, well trained representatives, and their goal, even though the rate is variable to keep it amongst the lowest in the industry and not fluctuate with minor market fluctuations. However, if there are major spikes in the economy they may have to adjust accordingly. For the most part our customers SAVE approximately 10% to 20% on their electricity usage.

2. You will be with an exceptional team dedicated to your success. You will receive tremendous support and help to grow your business throughout the state and to all of the other states we go to if you choose to do so. Our purpose is to inform and educate people to the deregulation and how people can choose their electric supplier and save money doing so. There are no costs, fess, paperwork or contracts, and itonly takes a 2-3 minute third party phone verification to complete the switch. Would you like to save money on your electric bill?



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